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illion euros ■($62 billion) for◆ 5G networks and suf■fer an 18-●month technology del■ay if it ba○ns telecom equipmen○t purchases from ◆top Chinese manu〓facturers, acc○ording to an● industrial repo◆rt.The report by the〓 GSM Associ◆ation, which rep■resents 750 mob●ile operators world●wide, said Ericsson〓, Nokia and● Samsung, the non◆-Chinese c〓ontenders in ○the 5G mark〓et, do not have t○he capacit●y to handle all of ○the shift from 3■G and 4G network◆s to 5G in Europe ●while honoring con○tracts already sign〓ed in North Americ●a and Asia.Hua●we

i and ZTE account◆ for about 40 p〓ercent of the E■U market, and Huaw●ei is "curren●tly a pioneer i●n 5G technology", ?/p>

馻ccording to the〓 GSM analysis,● first reported by● Reuters and A〓gence Franc●e-Presse on Friday."○A ban on C●hinese v

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